Academic Session - Sept. 11, 2017-June 23, 2018
Please read our Fees, Info & Policies page along with our Pre-Team or Team Handbook for all registration information.  Our Pre-Team and Team Handbooks are located below

(Girls, Pre-Team - 2 Hour Class)
Monthly Tuition for 1x a week:: $88
For Girls who completed Girl Super Star Advanced and are interested in participating in gymnastics competitions.  Head Over Heels Gymnastics Pre-Team is the first step to becoming a competitive gymnast!  Pre-Team is an exciting program where the gymnasts will work on strength, flexibility and perfecting their skills to prepare for competitions. 

Click Here for the 2017-2018 Pre-Team Handbook


Competitive Team
Girls Team
For Girls who have attended Pre-Team and are interested in competitions. Come be a part of Head Over Heels Gymnastics Team!  Team is a fun and exciting program for gymnasts looking for the opportunity to compete in gymnastics.  Team members will attend 4-8 competitions over the course of the school year.

Gymnasts must attend a minimum of two days per week. Please click on the link below to read our Team Handbook. The Team Handbook gives a list of additional policies & fees associated with being a part of the Head Over Heels Team. We strongly encourage every parent and gymnast to review the Team Handbook before registering for the Head Over Heels Team.

Click here for the 2017-2018 Team Handbook

Click Here for the 2017-2018 Team Handbook Acknowledgement Form

Monthly Team Tuition

Copper 1
2x a week - $173
Copper 2
2x a week - $173
3x a week - $188
2x a week - $188
3x a week - $218
Silver & Up
2x a week - $188
3x a week - $218
4x a week - $243

Gymnasts must register for a minimum of two days per week.  Registration for certain days is on a first come, first serve basis. There are limited spots in each day/time. Please get your registrations in early for the days/times you want!!

Note: For Team, if you register online, please designate which days you are registering for in the 'Comments' section of the registration form.


*$35 annual registration fee also due upon registration